OutPatient Experience

As an outpatient (or non-hospital) facility, we are able to create a comfortable, more relaxed environment, alleviating the apprehension many patients feel in the more rigid hospital setting.

HighField Open MRI is very different from other hospital imaging facilities. Everything here is conveniently located and under one roof. There are no departments to search out ( ex: registration, radiology). Parking is easy (and free) as it is right outside our doors. The environment is relaxed and you are treated as an individual with unique needs.

  • You will be treated with respect and consideration
  •  You will receive a clear explanation of your exam
  •  You will have all of your concerns and questions addressed with patience and kindness.

When you and your doctor choose HighField Open MRI,you’ve made an excellent choice. Our warm and caring staff will guide you through every step of your imaging experience beginning with your initial questions and ending with prompt and accurate submission of your insurance claims.

Our schedule is developed to work around yours. We begin early in the morning to accommodate you before you go to work and we also have evening hours for the times you would like to come after work. Saturday appointments are also available.
Coffee, tea and cookies are available to you and your family in the waiting area.